Emerald Oval Shape Silver Ring Semi-infinity Emerald Engagement Ring 2.6ct Natural Zambian Emerald Express infinite love and care ring

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There are six Zambian oval emeralds set into one band, with a magnificent shape and look. They are rich in dark green color and are made out of quality silver that does not tarnish.

Featuring 2.67ct of Emerald, 0.66ct of White Zircon and 3.19g of silver, this enchanted Emerald Ring in Silver stands out from the competition.

Our company is a leading company within 3 generations of emerald and calibrated emerald manufacturing, with five offices worldwide. Our Emeralds are all Natural, untreated originated from Zambia. We are authorized partners with the Gemfields. Our retail store has been around for years, but we recently launched an online shop, so we are going to honor the retail price for single purchases as well.