Emerald Drop Necklace, Long Pendant with Chain, May Birthstone Pendant in Silver, Charm Line Necklace

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Introducing our beautiful Emerald Drop Necklace – a special pendant that's perfect for anyone who loves a touch of elegance! This pendant is made with S925 Sterling Silver, making it shiny and durable, weighing just 3.17 grams.

Now, let's talk about the stars of the show – the stunning Zambian Emerald gemstones! Imagine ten precious emeralds shining bright, with 4 round cuts and 6 oval cuts. They're like little green treasures, making this necklace truly unique.

The pendant has a cool design – a long, vertical shape with a silver line holding one round cut emerald, followed by two oval cuts just below. This pattern repeats, creating a dazzling effect. It's like wearing a piece of art inspired by the fancy Art Deco style!

But why emeralds? Well, emeralds are super precious gemstones, just like a rare find! They're the birthstone for May, making this necklace extra special for those born in that month. The oval cut and round cut emeralds are unique in their own way. The oval ones have a classy charm, while the round ones are like little emerald buddies, adding a playful touch.

Now, let's not forget the White Zircon – a tiny touch of sparkle, adding a bit of magic to this pendant! The combination of silver, emerald, and white zircon makes this necklace not just pretty but also precious.

So, whether you're into fashion or just want a unique piece, our Emerald Drop Necklace is a must-have. Get ready to shine with this stunning jewelry – a true gem! 🌟