Dainty Floral Gemstone Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain, Natural Emerald Charm Pendant for Women

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Our Dainty Floral Gemstone Necklace, a charming piece that captures the beauty of nature.

Crafted with care, this dainty floral pendant features five pear-cut emeralds delicately arranged in the shape of a tiny flower, surrounding a sparkling round white zircon stone at its center.
The pendant is elegantly set within a round silver frame, with a unique starfish-shaped silver frame adding a touch of whimsy and adorned with dazzling white zircon stones.

The rich deep green of the Zambian emeralds adds a sense of vitality and connection to nature. This adjustable necklace is perfect for anyone who loves delicate and nature-inspired jewelry.

Whether it's a birthday gift for a daughter or a special treat for a loved one, this charming pendant radiates simplicity and beauty, evoking feelings of joy and appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

(925 Sterling Silver 0.94g, Emerald: 0.76ct, White Zircon: 0.140ct)

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