Adjustable Emerald Floral Gemstone Bracelet in Sterling Silver

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Emerald 2.22ct, White Zircon 1.84ct, S925 Silver 6.42g

This is Our Nature Inspired Emerald Bracelet!

The bracelet features five oval-cut emerald gemstones accented by sparkling white zircon stones, all framed in silver petals. The design begins with five silver flower frames arranged elegantly along a cable chain, followed by the placement of the emerald gemstones. This pattern repeats with alternating silver flowers and emerald stones, totaling four emeralds and three silver flowers. Finally, the bracelet is completed with the remaining silver flower frames, maintaining the alternating arrangement of gemstones and flowers throughout.

Made with genuine emeralds from Zambia, this 925 sterling silver piece is both stylish and durable.

Featuring sparkling white zircon stones and intricate floral detailing, this adjustable bracelet adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Get yours today and elevate your look with its vibrant green hues!!