In the heart of our family lies a profound love for emeralds, a passion passed down through three generations. At Sparkle Gems Global Inc, we've devoted ourselves to the art of emerald cutting and crafting, specializing in the extraordinary Zambian emeralds.

 Our story begins with a dedicated team of passionate individuals who are the backbone of our business. Hailing from the gem-cutting hub of Jaipur, their experience runs as deep as the mines we source our emeralds from.

 Our emeralds, the stars of our show, are exclusively from Zambia. We take immense pride in being the authorized auction partner of the Kagem emerald mine, the world’s largest emerald mine and a renowned name in the world of responsibly sourced colored gemstones. Zambian emeralds are celebrated for their exceptional beauty, often displaying mesmerizing secondary hues of blue.

 In our workshop, authenticity is our creed. We treat every emerald with the utmost care, leaving them entirely natural with no artificial enhancements. It's a perfect blend of modern technology and age-old craftsmanship, all under the vigilant eye of our experts from Jaipur.

 At Sparkle Gems, we specialize in Zambian emeralds, and our story is one of a heartfelt commitment to these beautiful green treasures. Discover the allure of Zambian emeralds with us, where each gemstone has a unique tale to share and a quality that's second to none.